What is the Astronomical Society at the University of Illinois?

The UIAS is an organization of University students and faculty who wish to educate other students and members of the Champaign-Urbana community about the wonders of astronomy. Not all of us are astronomy majors; in fact, we are made up of members from all kinds of backgrounds and fields of study. But what we all have in common is a love of the night sky and educating others about it. Oh, we are also a bunch of nerds who like lasers!

Statement of Purpose

The University of Illinois Astronomical Society has a single main purpose: to educate the students of the University and the members of the community about the wonders of astronomy. We attempt to accomplish this task in two ways.

Our first method is by educating our members. By holding bi-weekly meetings, and by giving members access to the University's 115+ year-old 12-inch refracting telescope, we give them the opportunity to explore the wonders of the heavens on their own. We also increase their knowledge by hosting monthly speakers. The talks given at these meetings are geared towards the layperson, and are presented by various professors and club members.

Our second means of reaching out to the public is more direct. By holding monthly open houses, we give the community a chance to look at the skies through a magnificent antique telescope. The success of our task is judged by the OOOOHHHS and AAAAHHHHHS of the people attending as they finally get a chance to look through the scope at the craters of the Moon and the rings of Saturn.

These objectives will be the guiding light of the club as we travel through the next year.

Club Officers for school year 2022-2023:

  • President: Yaswant Sai Ejjagiri
  • Vice President: Arya Desai
  • Secretary: Kevin McDonald
  • Treasurer: Lisa Leung
  • Social Media Chair: Nicole Terzian

Observatory Executive/Advisor:

  • Craig Sutter
  • Stuart Levy

UIAS Dark Site trip on October 11, 2013. Photo Credit: Chong Jiang

Our History:

List of previous officers